Why Are All Hearing Aid Advertisements The Same?

Have you ever noticed that all hearing aid advertisements are essentially the same? Hearingvaid advertisements are usually promoting: 

  1. Revolutionary new technology
  2. Huge savings if you buy within a certain time slot. 

One aspect of hearing aid advertisements that you rarely see is the credentials of the person working with you.  Most of the time that “little” detail is left out of the advertisement because he or she doesn’t want you to know how little training they actually have.  Always start with knowing your provider, and make sure that you are seeing a Doctor of Audiology!

Dealing with hearing loss can be very difficult. Typically, people put off getting their hearing tested because they don’t want to know the results. Also, they are fearful of what the next steps could be. For example, everyone has heard how expensive hearing aids can be; and everyone has a friend or family member that bought hearing aids that are now in a drawer. 

Don’t fall victim to this way of thinking! Do your research on providers, technology, pricing, warranty, experience, etc. before making a decision.