Hearing Aids Are Not "One Size Fits All"

Our passion at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors is to ensure that we give everyone professional, quality care with compassion.  Being told that you have a hearing loss can be an emotional journey, but we want you to know that we are here for you.  One thing we pride ourselves on is making sure that the process is stress free and that the proper treatment is being implemented.  

There are over 600 choices of hearing devices on the market today.  This may seem overwhelming; however, with the right Audiologist, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for the patient.  No two people are alike; therefore, there is not a “one size fits all” hearing aid.  It is our job to correctly diagnose your hearing loss and then recommend the best treatment option.  If it is in your best interest to look into amplification, we will guide you in the proper direction and still give you the opportunity to choose which hearing aid best fits your lifestyle.  Not only do we assess your hearing, we also look at your daily activities and what is most important to you.  Hearing aids are meant to impact your everyday life and improve your quality of life.  We want to ensure that you have a device that is comfortable and improves the sound quality around you.  Sound Advice Hearing Doctors doesn’t specialize in one specific brand or model of hearing aids.  This allows our Audiologist to fit the best device and manufacture based on the patient’s hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.   

I leave you with something to consider when it comes time to look for a provider.  I highly encourage you to do your research!  Do they have their Doctorate in Audiology?  Do they only advertise or push one particular brand of hearing aids, or do they give you options?  Can their hearing aids be adjusted or serviced anywhere?  If a provider is only providing one brand of hearing aids, they are not putting the patient’s best interest first.  Hearing is such a powerful sense and you owe it to yourself to receive the best care and services available.