Life. Amplified.


Here’s to giggles. And whispers. And the soft patter of raindrops on a warm summer afternoon. Here’s to all those extraordinary ordinary sounds that amplify this life. Discover them again. Discover them like never before.

At the new Sound Advice Hearing Solutions Center. 

The Sound Advice Hearing Solutions Center provides an experience designed to take all the confusion and intimidation out of understanding and dealing with hearing loss. Explore life-changing technology with no pressure and at your leisure. Come experience our unique expertise, selection, and value that is guaranteed to amplify your life.


A guide to choosing the right solution for your hearing.

This guide will help you evaluate both a hearing health provider as well as personal hearing devices. So you can find the right solution for you.


Our Guarantee.

You don’t pay until you find something that works. Period.

I’ll never forget the first time I went into Sound Advice: I walked in with a hearing problem and walked out with a pair of hearing aids that I hadn’t paid for. I asked Chase, “Don’t you want a credit card or anything?” He said, “Nope. We trust you.” Isn’t that amazing? Everybody at Sound Advice Hearing Doctors are such good people. The service I get is absolutely phenomenal. I’ll never go anywhere else.
— C.M.